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Meet Raveena Khanna, the talented food blogger and Instagram sensation behind "Eat Me Drink Mee." From her home in Panchkula, Raveena shares her love of cooking, baking, and her Punjabi heritage with the world. Follow her journey as she explores the vibrant flavors of North Indian cuisine and discovers new and exciting food experiences. Get inspired by Raveena's passion for food and her unique perspective on the culinary world.

Raveena Khanna

Raveena Khanna is a food lover and creator of the Instagram profile "Eat Me Drink Mee," where she shares her love of cooking and baking through videos and recipes. She is also a photographer and won the "CLA'20 Most Consistent Food Blogger" award in 2021.

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My Story

Hi there! I'm Raveena Khanna, but you can call me a food lover. I hail from Panchkula and take pride in my Punjabi heritage. I started my Instagram profile, "Eat Me Drink Mee," in 2019 to share my love of cooking and baking through videos and recipes. I also enjoy reviewing restaurants, but I don't consider myself a food critic because it's too boring and cliché. For me, cooking is a creative wonderland.


In addition to my passion for food, I also love capturing moments through photography. Follow my Instagram profile, "weird.piscean," to see my work.


One of my favourite bloggers is Zingy Zest, who inspires me with her positive attitude towards her work. I also admire Priyanka Chopra for her resilience, spirit, and dedication. Her quote, "Be the best version of yourself," motivates me to constantly improve.


I'm proud to say that this year, I won the "CLA'20 Most Consistent Food Blogger" award. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way!


That's a little bit about me. Thanks for reading! And remember, don't overcook your food.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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